Interactive realtime software solutions

We develop software and hardware for television gameshows or broadcast graphics (sports graphics). We support all types of interactive hardware like buzzers or touchscreens and all types of displays inside a studio (videowalls or large scale displays). Our software will connect to databases and mobile devices.

Custom Software

We develop tailor made software solutions. Either its a tool, a converter or a driver for windows. Using SQL Server or other databases, controlling special hardware like broadcast or streaming hardware. We develop for Ventuz and VizRT, for hardware like I/O devices or broadcast hardware boards.

Mobile Devices

Games, tools, widgets or web apps. It could be 3D using the latest Unity 3D engine or native development using objective-c or swift for ios respectively java for android.

The Hummingbird laser

We developed a laser based touch system to make large video walls or projections touchable. Its very easy to setup and calibrated in minutes. The screens can be any size up to 4m radius of the device. This can be a large floor or a video back projection or a led wall up to 8 meters. You can even multiplex more than one device to extend your touch area. The possibilities are limitless.


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